Sunday, September 22, 2013

How to wear a Denim Jacket!!

Find out all the stylish tips on how to wear your denim jacket below!

 Keep It Simple


Wear your basic denim jacket over your everyday outfit without wearing anything too fancy or something you are not used to!Just a little touch of style!

Denim & Leather


 Well, if you want to be in fashion yet very sexy, I have the best solution for you! Denim and Leather! This stylish compination will make you look so stylish, but also very attractive and feminine!

Shleeveless Denim Jacket

You can also wear your denim jacket on Spring and Summer without being out of ordinary! Shleeveless Denim Jacket is the answer! You can wear it on top of T-shirts or even better over your favorite summer romper!

Glam It Up

You are getting ready for a night out but you want to wear your denim jacket? No problem! Your your favorite glamorous dress and your denim jacket on top!These two pieces together make an incredible fashion statement!

Denim Over Maxi White Dress

Well, I personally love this compination, but I obly suggest it for Summer time! Wear your denim jacket over your maxi white dress and your nude dandals and you are ready to walk on the runway, girls!

Short Denim Over Black Romper


This is the ultimate style compination for Fall, so don't miss to try it and catch all eyes on you! Wear you denim jacket over your maxi black romper and get ready to rock! Fashion Tip: Wear flats in the morning and make it easy and fast an evening outfit by wearing your favorite wedges or heels!!

This is how Kim Kardashian wore it: