Monday, September 17, 2012

How to wear a see-through Dress!!

 Many celebrities choose to wear a see-through dress for big events!See-through dresses are so feminine and can add elegance and style to your outfit!On the other hand it is very easy to make mistakes and be provocative.Here are some tips on how to wear a see-through dress!

Choose the right venue. You should chose events where daring and unusual fashion statements are expected and encouraged.A dress like that would be inappropriate at a charity event, but perfect for new year's eve for example.

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    Pick a body part. If you don't want to go completely see-through try wearing just one transparent piece that accentuates a part of your body that looks great. If you're particularly proud of your bust or you have great legs, wear a transparent blouse or skirt that will show them off without leaving you feeling too exposed.

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    Make sure it fits. A daring see-through outfit has to fit perfectly in order to look right, so make sure your transparent clothing is exactly tailored to your body. This will show off the parts of your body that you want to show and make sure nothing vital slips out of place.

    Accessorize accordingly. You could pair your see-through dress with great heels, matching jewelry and perfectly coiffed hair, making it a whole outfit instead of just a shocking dress. Complete your whole outfit with the right accessories so you're classy and daring at the same time.

    Be fearless. Confidence is key when wearing see-through clothing in public, since you're literally putting yourself on display for everyone to see. Embrace your flaws and be proud of your body. Expect a few stares, gasps or comments but don't let them get to you. Be proud of yourself and your fashion statement and hold your head high.