Thursday, August 23, 2012

How to Look Like a Victoria's Secret Model in 6 steps!!

   The Models of Victoria’s Secret are the most sexiest models in the world today. Victorias Secret, a US company established in the early seventies, has grown to be synonymous with romantic, stylish and feminine lingerie, and has seen an astonishing growth rate since its humble beginnings The company gained notoriety in the 1990s after it began to use supermodels in its advertising and fashion shows.

1.Exercise, Exercise, Exercise! At least 60 minutes a day. Some exercises that a few VS Models have mentioned are kick boxing, jump rope and jogging. All are very good and burn a lot of calories. Also, try yoga and chair lifts. They get rid of arm fat! Running, and lots of cardio will do you well and create a leaner body, but just remember to stretch before you do these exercises! Some Victoria Secret Models work out 2 hours a day before a show but just work your way up. Find something you love doing and keeps you in shape.

 2.Learn to apply makeup well. Get clear skin with a good routine. Apply little to no skin makeup (foundation, bronzer, concealer, etc) Unless you need it, such as you have bags under your eyes, uneven skintone, etc. If you're in a position where you cant wear moderate to heavy makeup such as eyeliner, apply a light shimmery white/cream eyeshadow or highlighter in the corners of your eyes for a bright-eyed look, and use the same eyeshadow/highlighter on the bow above your lips to make them look more shaped and full. Then apply a pink plumping gloss.

        3. Eat healthy. Eating healthy will make you feel great, and also make you look great. Try to stay away from greasy foods like French fries, etc. Also try to stay away from sweets and sugar. Stick to fruits, vegetables, complex carbs, and drink a lot of water! But make sure to treat yourself to a small, salty or chocolatey treat every once in a while. It's better than going overboard all at once.Eat as much organic as you can. As for diet, Miranda Kerr’s trainer encourages her to eat a lot of healthy carbohydrates and lean protein for breakfast – foods like old-fashioned oatmeal, egg whites, veggies, cottage cheese, muesli, yogurt and fruit. Then it’s salads and chicken or fish for lunch, and a combination of fish, turkey, vegetables and chicken for dinner.

4.Learn how to curl your hair. Unless it's naturally wavy. You will see that the models have their hair in wavy curls and down. And it's fairly long. Make sure to get your hair trimmed every once in a while to keep from uneven or split ends. For accessories in the hair, keep it minimum. But if you have a job that requires hair to be clipped back, wear your hair in a messy bun or high ponytail.

5.Wear clothes that make you look and feel beautiful. Don't be afraid of pretty lingerie! But for everyday, try to wear clothes from Victoria's Secret. Wear things like dark fitted jeans and shorts, low heels or cute flats, and cute t-shirts or pastel/white button downs untucked with the sleeves rolled up and the first couple of buttons unbuttoned. Wear simple accessories like a charm bracelet, small dangly earrings or simple studs, or a pendant or locket. Wearing your favorite bra and panties makes you feel really good.

6.Be confident.The most important of all!